Q. Where will Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 be held?

  1. All general sessions, breakouts, registration, and the store will be located at The America’s Center and Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri.

Q. How do I get early bird pricing?

  1. Register in your Workstation by April 9, 2014!

Q. How do I get the free warmer designed by Heidi and Orville?

  1. Register by 11:59 p.m. PT on March 12 (payment plans welcome). All Incentive Trip achievers who chose the Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 will also receive the specially designed warmer.

Q. What do I need to do once I arrive?

  1. We will mail you a badge, ribbons, and any award recognition information that applies to you before you leave for the Reunion. You need to bring all of these materials, as well as a photo I.D. for you and your guest (if applicable). You and your guest(s) MUST register at the event.

Q. Do you allow walk-in attendees?

  1. Yes! We want to squeeze in as many people as possible for our big 10-year Reunion.

Q. Who is allowed to attend the concert opening night?

  1. Everyone’s invited! You and your registered guest (if applicable) are welcome to attend the concert — it’s included in your registration fee. You can also purchase additional Entertainment Package tickets for anyone who is not registered for the Reunion, but would like to attend the concert, Pep Rally, Awards Night, and the after party on Friday night. Entertainment Package tickets DO NOT grant access into any other Scentsy Family Reunion events — it is for the concert, Pep Rally, Awards Night, and the after party only.

Q. How are seating assignments chosen?

  1. Seating is assigned according to Director. If your Director does not attend, your seat will still be next to your team.

Q. Can I sit somewhere other than my assigned seat?

  1. We encourage you to sit in your assigned seat. Please remember that all seating is assigned — if you move into an open seat that is closer to the stage, you are taking someone else’s seat.

Q. Can I bring my children to the Scentsy Family Reunion?

  1. Not unless you have a nursing infant who is 12 months old or younger (a nursing room will be available at the stadium). Other kids can come to the opening night concert when you purchase extra tickets, but they aren’t allowed in any other Reunion session or breakout. Children 2 years and younger can attend the concert without an extra ticket.

Q. Do I need my badge to get into each event?

  1. Yes. Your badge must be worn at all times — it’s super important! Anyone without a badge will not be allowed to enter Scentsy Family Reunion events, so wear it always.

Q. Where can I buy food during the Scentsy Family Reunion?

  1. There will be concessions open for your convenience, and there are restaurants in the area. We encourage you to view the downtown map and plan your lunches accordingly.

Q. What is Awards Night?

  1. Awards Night is a celebration of your achievements. It is open to all registered attendees and their guests, and there will not be assigned seating. You will be notified prior to the Reunion if you are receiving an award.

Q. What should I bring to the Scentsy Family Reunion?

  1. We recommend bringing comfortable walking shoes, a camera, something to write with, and a light jacket or sweatshirt in case it gets cold in the stadium. You may also want to bring any promotional material you generally carry — you never know who will want to hear about your business. And most importantly, bring your Scentsy Spirit!